5 Tips for Clothes that Fit Just Right

Think you know what clothing size you are? Well, think again! If it feels like every clothing store seems to have a different sizing system, you’re probably right. Clothes that claim to be one size, fit like another and, with the popularity of online shopping, you likely end up returning more items than you actually keep! So, forget the number on the label – what’s really important is how a piece looks and feels. Here are 5 tips to ensure your clothes fit right, whatever your size.

1. The Bunch Crunch

Nothing is more annoying than finding that perfect ‘body-con’ dress or skirt, only to find that you’re spending your time pulling it down to avoid bunching at the waist.

Your clothes shouldn’t need constant adjustment and if a skirt rides up as you walk or when you sit, then it’s simply too tight. And in terms of length well, let’s just say re-enacting a scene from Basic Instinct is probably best avoided.

2. The Gaping Truth

A blouse or shirt that is visibly straining or gaping at the buttons is a telltale sign that it’s too narrow in the chest. Women with narrow backs but larger busts often come against this problem and can’t simply buy a larger size as that leads to another problem, excess fabric in the back and under the arms.

Sadly this issue isn’t often able to be fixed by an alteration so if you experience the problem, it’s probably easier to stick with slip-on shirts and boycott the button downs.

3. The Pocket Problem

There’s nothing worse than finding that perfect pair of pants that, finally, your butt looks great in, only to find the pockets don’t sit flat.
‘Pocket flare’ indicates a poor fit across the hips and however great those pants fit everywhere else, they’re just not going to look good. If you have a larger hip size, eliminate the problem altogether and only buy pocket-free pants. Trust us, you’re not going to miss them!

4. The Long and Short of It

Unless you’re wearing capris, too much space between your pant hem and shoe is a sure sign you’re wearing a pair that is too short. Likewise, if your pant isn’t supposed to be a wide-length, floor-sweeping style and it’s covering your whole shoe, then you’ll need to have the hem taken up.

As far as tops are concerned, if the fabric extends further than your wrist, it’s going to have the impression of being too big for you and if it sits too far back, you’ll look like you’re wearing something you’ve simply outgrown!

5. Beat the Bulge

Considering it’s an item we wear daily, the fact that most of us don’t know our correct bra size is just so wrong! Bra straps that cut into the shoulder, bands that give us ‘back bulge’ and clasps that dig in or ride up are all signs of a badly fitting bra.

Most higher-end lingerie stores will have a professional fitter on staff so do yourself – and the ‘girls’ – a favor by getting properly fitted. Once you know what a properly fitted bra feels like, you’ll wonder how you put up with uncomfortable underwear for so long.