Look Young with the Right Foundation

Cakey, thick, and too much matte. If that is your foundation, then it will surely make you look older than you really are. If you see a line between your chin and neck it means that it’s time to change your foundation. If you want to look younger, the thing that works is to have a lot of makeup on but to look as if you haven’t put on anything. These days it has become easier to look beautiful with the new silicone, a Vaseline-like substance. It is used in primers, foundations, concealers, and lip makeup items and makes the products smooth on your skin.

These silicone-made products fill the lines on your skin and leave them feeling smooth and silky. Foundations have improved a great deal and these days they contain light-reflecting luminizers. These foundations are so fantastic that they make you look natural since they are transparent; they cover your face well and blend amazingly with your skin color. Whether they are cheap or expensive, this is true for all foundations. And they all make you look younger.

Tips to Apply Makeup and Look Younger

A primer can make your complexion smooth. So, use it before you apply makeup. Primers contain silicone which leaves your face feeling soft, but at the same time not oily and sticky. It also smoothens your anti-aging and pores. This prevents makeup from settling into them. Silicone will tighten you skin and fill in the fine lines of your facial skin. Your skin becomes smooth so applying the foundation becomes seamlessly easier. It also provides the foundation with something to stick to. With a result, your foundation will last longer and will not get splotchy. So, apply your moisturizer. Apply your primer. And then apply your foundation. If you are new to primer, just make sure that while buying you test it on the back of your hand. The primer should not get flaky or be noticeable in the creases of your hand.

For oily skin, oil-free foundations work best. However, a hydrating foundation is what you need if you have normal or dry skin. It will leave your skin refreshed and moisturized. It will also fill up the lines so that they become less apparent. Just dab it on your face and blend the foundation in.

A concealer should be applied after the foundation. This way you will need less of it. Concealers should be creamy and should not run. When you rub it between your fingers, a good concealer will melt into your skin. If you want to cover age spots, anti-aging, or zits, a good concealer can do it for you.

Use a natural blush to make you look younger and fresher. To look younger, just change your powder blush for a cream blush. A cream blush fades quickly. So, you may need to reapply it. A pale rosy pink blush is best for fair skin. A coral or peachy blush works great for medium-colored skin. Brownish orange blush works best for darker skins. Bright colors also work wonders. When you blend them in, they can give the perfect color to your cheeks. You can also match your blush with your lip color.

Now, its time for the finishing touches! Use a feathery light and transparent powder to give that luminous shine to your face. Light-reflecting or light-diffusing powders work great to cover up fine lines and other visible problems. So, apply the foundation, then the concealer, and then the blush. Now, just dip your face brush into the powder, remove any excess powder by tapping it gently, and then just lightly dust your face. The powder will remove any excess shine from your face, set your makeup, and preventing it from melting.

So, are you ready for a lovely face? Well, just follow the above suggestions and become the envy of others!