Choose a Sunglasses Shades that Compliment your Best Summer Style

Nothing adds instant ‘cool’ to your style like a pair of shades and in the summer they’re a must-have accessory. Of course, as with anything you wear, you’ll want to make sure you look fabulous, but your sunglasses can make or break your summertime look.

So how do you know if your shades are flattering your face? And, more to the point, which styles are right for your individual shape? Here’s a quick guide on how to find the right frame for your face shape and crank the coolness factor through the roof!


A round face shape will have no sharp angles and is generally as wide as it is long. For this shape the goal is to elongate the face, helping to create an illusion of slenderness.

It goes without saying to stay away from round frames, both big and small, and opt instead for oversize, rectangular shapes such as Wayfarers or Aviator-style glasses.


People with oval face shapes should have no trouble finding the right fit! This face shape lends itself to a whole variety of styles as long as they’re not actually wider than the face.

Avoid oversized frames that dwarf the face or narrow frames that cut it in half and instead go for any type of round or square frame. Even the more dramatic cat’s eye frame looks fab on these lucky people!


A square face shape is defined as being roughly the same length and width with a strong jaw and defined forehead. In order to soften these solid lines, it’s best to look for round and oval frames with either a thin frame or none at all.

The frame width shouldn’t be bigger than the width of the face and small, square frames are a strict no-no! Aviators and ‘shield’ styles are great choices for this face shape too.


The rectangular face shape is similar to the oval in that it is longer than it is wide. However, if you do have a rectangle or oblong shaped face, it’s important to balance the severity of the lines with round or tear-drop shaped specs.

Small frames, especially those that are shorter than the width of the face will look lost and brightly-colored frames are just too much for this already-strong shape.

Heart or Triangle

Faces that are heart shaped, or triangular, where the width of the forehead is significantly wider than the chin and jawline, can usually get away with wearing smaller, more delicate frames, such as the round ‘granny’ glasses that have a hippy vibe.

They can also enjoy wearing glasses with brightly-colored frames just a long as the frame’s not too thick and the glasses aren’t oversized, which will have the effect of swamping this petite face.

Once you’ve determined what shape you have, it’ll be much easier to choose a stunning pair of shades that will perfectly complement your best summer styles all season long.