Health Basics for Men


Although most men understand how important it is to keep themselves healthy, the majority of us do not take the same whole body approach to health that women do. For example, many men are hesitant to discuss issues such as sexual matters with their physician because they are uncomfortable or embarrassed by the topic. As with any other personal matter, a frank and open discussion with an expert is the best way to ensure that a man is maintaining his overall physical, mental and even sexual health to the best of his ability. Taking care of oneself allows a man to better enjoy things such as relationships, work, his social life and his sex life.

When it comes to physical health, many men think nothing of being stiff, sore or uncomfortable for a surprisingly long period of time. This is especially true of men who have physically demanding jobs or who enjoy a great deal of physical activity. Athletic individuals are more likely to simply walk off an injury rather than have it looked at by a medical professional. While this may be a fine course of action for mild bumps and bruises, an individual is experiencing real pain should talk to a physician.

Most men are understandably hesitant when it comes to talking about sexual matters with a physician. Unfortunately, the best way for any man to take care of himself is to have regular prostate exams after reaching age 40. The unfortunate fact is that prostate disease is one of the most common causes of death in men who have reached middle age. Part of prostate care should involve checking for unusual or abnormal lumps in the testicles. The rates of testicular disease are on the rise so it is important for every man to take the lead in protecting himself.

An often overlooked area of health for many men is mental health. Many men put the same amount of stress on their psychological being as they do on their physical one. Just as it is not uncommon for a man to simply brush off injuries, many men do not take the time to care for their own mental well-being, preferring instead to let stress and anxiety slowly build up and wear them down. Depression is quite common among many men, but men are less likely to seek professional help than women. Stress, depression and anxiety can lead to greater physical problems so they should not be ignored.

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