Increasing Energy Levels


Everybody knows the feeling—waking up to another long day at work, and the desire to roll over and back into bed—something that’s probably harder for bachelors who may not have a partner in their bed to slap them around if they get lazy. While early morning de-motivation is a common problem, it often returns again later in the day—usually at about 1pm.

Retrieving Early Morning Energy

This is typically because when you wake up, your glucose levels are way down, and you’re running on empty. In addition, your brain is still filled with “sleep chemicals” that maybe haven’t quite worn off yet. Combine this with a psychological motivation to avoid the day—and you’ve got a tough cocktail of problems to solve.

The first thing to do is place your alarm clock away from your bed. It forces you to stand up to turn it off. Once you’re standing up, that initial bit of circulation will get the ball rolling, and you’ll be less inclined to hit the “snooze” button and return to bed.

A bit of inertia will also go a long way toward retrieving your energy levels. Immediately hitting the bedroom floor for ten solid pushups will increase blood flow and will quickly snap you back to alertness as your heart rate is increased. Now you’ll have enough energy to get to the kitchen.

From here, eat something that replenishes glucose levels without giving you a sugar crash later in the day. In other words, avoid that sweet Cinnabon and go for something like oatmeal, plus a dose of protein found in egg (or egg-white substitutes). If you’re in a hurry, consider preparing your breakfast the night ahead of time, and that way you just have to stick it in the microwave and go.

Mid Afternoon Lazies

Once you’re out the door, feeling full of energy, don’t let it crash at 1pm after lunch. Too many carbohydrates will cause your insulin levels to drop. This is why a bagel or a giant pretzel is not necessarily your best options at 12 PM. And, this can damage your work performance at the worst moment. Instead, balance carbs with proteins and fiber. If the only thing to eat at your work-place is pizza, consider packing lunch.

In Summary

Battling low energy levels is something everyone has to do. But it’s also a key to optimizing your work abilities and enjoying the rest of the day. While chemical reasons are the primary cause of energy crashes, don’t forget the mental aspect to it. An upbeat attitude will avoid depressive states—which only doubles low energy. By finding reasons to look forward to the day ahead, you’ll find yourself with an uncommon level of energy.

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