Which Male Performance Supplements Are Most Effective, Now A Days?

Lisa Holt

With all of the stresses of modern life, it is not only advanced age that causes declines in males’ sexual performances. While age certainly is a factor, anxiety and physical health conditions can also be to blame and, judging from the amount of media attention that this subject is receiving, the problem seems to be far more prevalent than ever before. Obviously, most men will do whatever they can to regain their youthful vigor and sexual energy, which is one of the major reasons that there are so many male performance products that are now available on the market. For men who suffer from extreme sexual decline, it is wise to seek professional medical advice but for many, the condition may be helped by supplementing their diets with naturally-sourced beneficial nutrients.

Male Performance Supplements

Before looking at all of the various options that are available, it is important for the consumer to understand exactly how the erection process takes place and which ingredients are helpful in addressing specific problems. For any good supplement to work well, it must contain substances that support the overall blood flow to the penile area.* The penis is comprised of three main chambers which consist of sponge-like tissues.* During an erection, these chambers: the Corpora Cavernosa, along the penis shaft and the Corpus Spongiosum that runs down the urethra, are filled with blood that rushes to the area during sexual arousement.* The fuller the chambers are, the firmer and stiffer the penis will become and the longer the erection can be sustained.* This, of course, is likely to result in sexual pleasure for both partners.*

But which ingredients should be included in a good male performance supplement and how does a consumer know which ones have been proved to work? While many performance formulas are natural, not all of them contain clinically tested ingredients and for this reason, many consumers spend a lot of money on products that ultimately just don’t work.

However, there are certain ingredients, including the following, that have been tested, both in scientific and consumer studies: Prosexual nutrients: these are found in all reputable male performance products and consist of certain amino acids that may decline as the male ages; Maca Powder: this substance is often labeled as being a “superfood” and is a very popular ingredient that is regularly used to support a healthy libido*; Herba Rowdy Weed: this is an ancient ingredient that has been used by men for centuries as a way to deal with age-related sexual issues*; Caltrops: another very popular substance, Caltrops is linked to male hormonal levels and benefits can be obtained when it is combined with Prosexual Nutrients; Zinc: although this can be found naturally in certain foods, some men require that additional amounts be added their diets; Rhizoma Cucurmae Longae: this can be used as a way to support the aging male libido*; Eurycoma Longifolia: this is a natural tonic for decreased sexual function that is due to the aging process; Tongkat Ali: another ingredient that men have used for centuries, as a way to support sexual activity*; Saw Palmetto: not strictly an ingredient that benefits the erection*, Saw Palmetto is often added to men’s supplements for its benefits of prostate health*; Astragalus Membranaceus: used to support overall health levels and to affect vitality and well-being and Herba Cistanches: found specifically in Chinese sexual tonics.*

We know that the number of male performance products on the market is growing every day. This can turn choosing the right supplement into a daunting process. There are some products that are all “hype”, some that have only minimal benefits, and a select few gems that may indeed be beneficial, containing effective ingredients in optimal concentrations and truly supporting male sexual health. To make finding the latter category of product less of a challenge, we have analyzed many supplements to find those that may help with declining sexual health due to aging and decreases in males’ libidos.* By doing so, we have helped to simplify the selection process for male performance supplements. Ultimately, we have determined the bottom-line value of each product.*

With countless male enhancement supplements available on the market today it seems impossible to find “the right one.” Sexual performance declines naturally as men age, which may contribute to feelings of inadequacy or embarrassment. Male enhancement supplements should be based on four key factors: active ingredients, ability to support sexual stamina, enhance arousal, improved sexual desire, and backed by clinical studies.*

Below you’ll find some of the most effective male enhancement supplements on the market today, in our opinion.*


VirectinLong-Lasting Results In
Less Than 7 Days!

Virectin Reviews
4.5/5 (8327 Ratings)
Revives Stamina, Sex Drive & Energy 98%
Restores Length & Girth 99%
Improves Endurance In The Bedroom 98%
Boosts Sexual Confidence 98%
Full Customer Satisfaction 99%


  • Gives you massive, hard erections on demand
  • 275% more blood flow in the male organ in less than 7 days
  • 98% of men noticed powerful results in less than 7 days
  • Maximizes blood flow for a larger penis
  • Enhances levels of testosterone
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  • Reignites passion and desire
  • Elevates stamina and endurance
  • Makes you more confident in bed
  • Gives you explosive orgasms
  • Better staying power and recovery times
  • Makes you satisfy your partner to the fullest
  • This company doesn't promote any kind of auto-shipment type subscriptions


  • Stock is occasionally low due to consumer demand
  • Virectin is only available to purchase online

The Bottom Line

Of all the brands we reviewed, only Virectin produced incredible results in less than 7 days! This clinically proven supplement boosted the libido, increased stamina, and maximized the size of the erection in 98% of the men who used it. They experienced such a powerful rush of blood to the penis that it became harder, larger, and longer-lasting than ever before - even the older men who tested it said that they were performing better than they had when they were young!

The benefits of Virectin are felt within just a few days and continue to get stronger over time. All our testers said that it completely transformed their sex lives, giving them more confidence in and out of the bedroom. Their sex drive was through the roof, and with increased stamina, they were able to perform for hours with drastically less recovery time. As you can imagine, this meant greater pleasure and satisfaction for both partners!

Virectin offers a scientifically tested, potent formula of 16 key active ingredients which are all proven to support optimal sexual functioning, and many of them are rich in antioxidants that enhance overall health.

There is a no-hassle 60-day money-back guarantee on Virectin, which is proof that the manufacturer knows it will produce the impressive sexual performance results you want, and having studied it in detail for this review, we know it will too - a stronger sex drive, unlimited endurance, and of course, rock-hard erections on demand!


Virectin customer reviews over the internet

Virectin Reviews
4.5/5 (8327 Ratings)
“I started getting good erection. Thanks to Virectin!”

Doyle, Age 70

“It's just miraculous! I would recommend anybody to try it. I'm glad this is on my fourth bottle on it is working real good for me.”

Wayne, Age 50

  • Increased libido and better climax control…

    Bill S.

    I am 50+ yrs old and have been taking Virectin for over a month now. During the first day of use, I noticed physical changes which became more and more noticeable over time. I experienced increased libido, better performance, and better climax control. This is a product that will never fail to produce results. I would recommend Virectin to anyone wanting a better sexual experience.

  • Everything has increased – performance, stamina, and size…

    Jack S.

    I didn't expect much when I started taking this supplement and I only tried it in the first place because my wife convinced me. On my second bottle and this stuff really works! My wife and I noticed a difference in the bedroom within a week. Everything has increased - performance, stamina, and size…my wife is just as happy about that as I am. Ingredients and everything seemed safe after some research, so I plan on continuing to take this.



#2. Prime Potence

Prime Potence
Prime Potence Reviews
(4.2/5) 4625 Reviews
Revives Stamina, Sex Drive & Energy 89%
Restores Length & Girth 90%
Improves Endurance In The Bedroom 87%
Boosts Sexual Confidence 88%
Full Customer Satisfaction 88%


  • Prime Potence key active ingredients are listed
  • Prime Potence contains natural ingredients


  • There is no official website
  • Clinical trial studies are not provided
  • There are no customer success stories or reviews

The Bottom Line

Allow us to be blunt – Prime Potence is just another in the forest of male enhancement supplements. Prime Potence seems reliable but this isn’t really easy to confirm with definition. The problem is that there is no official website which are bringing its reputation down. This is something that can’t be simply overlooked. This male enhancement supplement is questionable.



#3. Testolynx

Testolynx Reviews
(3.8/5) 3883 Reviews
Revives Stamina, Sex Drive & Energy 83%
Restores Length & Girth 81%
Improves Endurance In The Bedroom 80%
Boosts Sexual Confidence 82%
Full Customer Satisfaction 80%


  • The manufacturer is an established company.
  • The ingredients’ uses are explained in detail.
  • Testimonials and an FAQ section are provided.


  • Clinical trial studies are not provided.
  • There is no money-back offer.
  • The product is a bit expensive.

The Bottom Line

This product is a fairly standard blend of male sexual support ingredients and, apart from the forthcoming nature of the manufacturer, there is no reason to choose this over any other. One advantage is that G8 Nutrition is a reasonably established and reliable company. However, understand that the company has no money-back offer and even unused products must be flagged for return within just 72 hours. Another reason consumers may want to consider this product is that the formula is made with natural ingredients.


3 Tips to optimize your sexual performance:

1. Stay physically fit by working out regularly, focussing on cardiovascular health.
2. Eat a healthy diet high in fiber and beneficial fats such as avocado, walnuts, and salmon.
3. Learn stress management techniques, like deep breathing exercises and mindful meditation.

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficacy.

*Result may vary. If you have a serious medical condition, or have a history of heart conditions we suggest consulting with a physician before using any supplement. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purpose only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and should not be relied upon as a medical advice. Always consult your doctor before using any supplements.

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