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Provasil – Overview


The supplement Provasil is a natural nootropic specifically designed to enhance cognitive performance and brain function. Made by the company Cognetix Labs, Provasil works on multiple levels using a revolutionary, maximum strength formula, and can be taken by people of all ages. While it’s common for older individuals to experience some cognitive decline as they age, with symptoms such brain fog, poor memory and embarrassing ‘senior moments’ prompting them to use nootropics, younger people can also benefit greatly from a boost in brain power. Students cramming for exams and individuals with high-stress jobs can use Provasil to drastically improve their attention span, focus on the task at hand and retain information more efficiently.

Unlike some nootropic supplements on the market, Provasil’s patented formula contains no synthetic chemicals or harmful stimulants; its blend of vitamins, amino acids and botanical extracts work synergistically in the body, producing long-lasting results without ever causing harmful side effects or becoming addictive. By giving the brain the nourishment it needs to stay healthy, build stronger cell membranes and optimize cell-to-cell communication, the comprehensive Provasil formula not only enhances brain power and overall functioning, but protects it from the damaging effects of aging.

Provasil – Key Product Benefits

  • Enhances short- and long-term memory
  • Provides complete nourishment to address nutritional deficiencies
  • Eliminates distressing brain fog and embarrassing senior moments
  • Boosts the ability to take in and retain new information
  • Increases focus and attention span
  • Reduces mental fatigue, making the individual sharper and more alert

Provasil – Key Ingredients

Provasil’s formula is unlike any other, consisting of natural, clinically proven ingredients that, being included in their optimal concentrations, start working from the very first dose. All the key substances in Provasil are all listed with their individual amounts on the product label and include:

  • Vitamin C – This well-known vitamin has many benefits for health due to its antioxidant properties. By protecting the brain cells from free radical activity, they remain healthy for longer, allowing for optimal brain function as the individual ages.
  • Folic AcidA deficiency in this key ingredient can result in damage to the hippocampus, making supplementation vital. Studies have shown that older individuals can benefit greatly in terms of mental capacity when it’s taken on a regular basis in its optimal amount.
  • Biotin – An important member of the B vitamin family, Biotin is required for the production and function of the neurotransmitters responsible for cellular communication, mental alertness and feeling of wellbeing.
  • Choline BitartrateThis nutrient contributes to the health of the cell membranes and is needed to produce acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that directly affects the learning ability, focus and memory.
  • Bacopa Monnieri – This natural extract, which has long been relied upon in eastern medicine for optimal cognitive health, is clinically proven to enhance the speed of learning new information and the retention of memories.
  • Phosphatidylserine – Playing a vital role in the effectiveness of neurotransmitter functioning, this active ingredient has been clinically proven to reduce several symptoms of cognitive decline associated with aging. If left unaddressed, this decline can lead to severe impairment and development of major degenerative conditions.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine – As a potent antioxidant, this amino acid reduces destructive oxidative stress by battling free radicals in the system. Those who take it on a regular basis see an improvement in long-term memory and the ability to recall information.
  • Resveratrol – Commonly found in grapes, Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It has numerous long-term health benefits but in terms of cognitive function, is particularly beneficial in boosting the memory, especially in seniors.
  • L-Glutamine – As an important amino acid, L-Glutamine reduces levels of ammonia in the brain, protecting its long-term health and making it sharper and more alert.
  • Ginkgo Leaf – A natural botanical, Ginkgo Leaf has been used to boost mental performance for centuries. Not only does it enhance the blood flow to the brain for overall good health, it has benefits for individuals experiencing degenerative conditions that cause poor memory, brain fog and confusion.

Provasil – Research, Studies & Clinical Trials

Many of the ingredients contained in Provasil, especially the botanical extracts, have a history of use in traditional remedies and have been relied upon for centuries to support good overall cognitive health. However, more recently clinical studies performed on these active ingredients have produced irrefutable proof of their effectiveness which, in many cases, has led to them being used to prevent serious cognitive decline in the elderly. In one clinical study, individuals taking Bacopa Monnieri for a period of 12 weeks showed a significant improvement in memory and overall recall. In addition to the positive effects of Provasil’s botanical components, several of the amino acids in the formula have undergone extensive testing, proving to be highly beneficial in reversing mental fatigue and poor cognitive function during times of intense stress.


Safety Profile of Provasil

Cognetix Labs produces Provasil in their US-based, technologically advanced facility. By adhering to all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, each and every Provasil capsule is guaranteed not only to be 100% safe for consumption but consistent in its effectiveness. By selecting only the purest ingredients from trusted, high quality sources, Cognetix Labs ensures that their consumers are completely protected and never need worry about harmful chemicals, fillers or additives. There have been no reported side effects from the use of Provasil and, being free from common allergens, can be taken by all individuals without any concern for intolerances or adverse reactions.

Provasil – The Conclusion


Symptoms of cognitive decline can be extremely distressing and it’s natural to want to do everything possible to keep a clear, alert mind and protect the long-term health of the brain. While some nootropics make unrealistic claims or use dangerous, over-stimulating substances, Provasil provides a safe, clinically proven and highly effective alternative. With a patented formula that has been extensively tested, Provasil offers consumers the most comprehensive nutritional support for their brain, improving all areas of cognitive function. While it’s particularly effective for older individuals already experiencing some decline, it is equally beneficial as a proactive step against aging, ensuring that the mind stays sharp and fully functional for years ahead. Because this is an all-natural product, you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.

All in all, Provasil seems like an effective product. It has clinical studies and plenty of facts to back up its effectiveness, which makes this product worth the price.

Customer Reviews Makes Provasil The Top Choice

Excellent 5 star
4.76 Average 8,103 Reviews
  • Williams 5 star

    A friend who has terrible memory problems recommended Provasil. I too have memory issues, I have been to the neurologist and they could not find anything physically wrong. I have had concussions and think that could be a contributor to the loss. My memory is definitely better when I eat healthy-no sugar and get enough sleep. Like everyone else, I barely ever get enough sleep so I needed to find something that could help me as my work depends on my memory. I started taking Provasil and it started working. I am more focused and barely struggle for words and thoughts when on the Provasil. It gave me back my memory. I do go off the pills when I am not working and can absolutely tell when I have not taken the pills. Highly recommend Provasil for those with memory and focus issues

    1 hour ago

  • Ellen Hurst 5 star

    Provasil works, keep the person alert and eliminates short term memory loss most importantly I feel no adverse effect and side effects while using this brain supplement Provasil.

    1 hour ago

  • Cheryl Graham 5 star

    In my late 50s I started to notice a decline in my memory. I started taking Provasil at that time. It has helped my memory, which is good,as my husband, who is 80, has made me the "agent" of our household expenses.I have taken Provasil for almost 10yrs.

    1 hour ago

  • Michael M. Fulton 5 star

    I believe Provasil improves my brain function. Provasil brings back the clarity and the quick response that I need. The clear thought processes I have always been used too.

    2 hours ago

  • Elizabeth Mybu 5 star

    I have been giving my dad Provasil for at least 4 years and his memory issues have improved. He is 87 and I believe that Provasil has kept his Alzheimer’s/dementia from getting worse. He lives at his home with my mom, does what he wants, keeps active, and takes good care of himself.

    2 hours ago

  • Aaron K 5 star

    Provasil is really Awesome! Absolutely love it been taking Provasil for months and I can definitely tell the difference I am more focused in the morning wonderful product.

    3 hours ago

  • Jane Garside 5 star

    I noticed increased instances of word finding problems & forgetfulness when I ran out of Provasil. I am very happy with Provasil...

    3 hours ago

  • Anonymous 4 star

    I have been using Provasil for a long time. I am 76 and occasionally I will have trouble finding the right word I need, but most of the time names and other words might be a little slow to arrive, but they do arrive almost all the time. I have been very satisfied with Provasil.

    3 hours ago

  • Sharon West 5 star

    It seems like my memory is better since I have been back on Provasil. Provasil is great product for memory.

    12 hours ago

  • Joyce Ross 4 star

    My mother, husband and I enjoy the extra cognitive benefits of Provasil. We have tried other supplements and have returned to this superior product. Thanks to Provasil...

    16 hours ago

  • Becky Lowery 5 star

    I definitely notice a huge difference since I started Provasil many years ago, would not stop!

    1 day ago

  • James MacKay 5 star

    Provasil seems to improve mood, memory and focus and clarity. Just ordered our second shipment. We are a couple in our early 80s. Like the results so far.

    1 day ago

  • Don C. Zielinski 5 star

    Provasil is a great product. Really works for me. Not only is the brain fog gone, but I also find my mood to be brighter and more positive.

    1 day ago

  • Peter Sichel 5 star

    Provasil quickly helped lift the brain fog I previously experienced. I like that every ingredient is clearly listed. Ordering online was easy and fast.

    2 days ago

  • TARE CARTER 5 star

    I Like Provasil a lot! I have found that my brain has greater capacity to work on many items in parallel after use of Provasil.

    2 days ago

  • Bobby Jones 5 star

    Provasil is a very good product and certainly better than most of the products In field of brain boosters.

    2 days ago

  • Neda Henery 5 star

    After using Provasil. I have noticed more focus in a short amount of time.

    3 days ago

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