Why is Menoquil #1 Rated Menopause Relief Product of The Year 2023?

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Menoquil – Overview


Menoquil is a potent all-natural health supplement that has helped countless women find fast relief from the distressing, uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. It’s true that this time of transition can be extremely liberating for women and signal a new chapter, but the accompanying symptoms, which can last from perimenopause through to post menopause, can make life extremely miserable. While there are numerous menopause relief supplements on the market, only Menoquil addresses all the potential symptoms, from hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings to weight gain, vaginal dryness, stress and insomnia. With a maximum strength formula that contains over a dozen clinically proven, potent ingredients, Menoquil works quickly in the system, providing the complete relief women need.

Unlike some menopause symptom treatments that use risky synthetic ingredients to address the hormonal imbalance that occurs during this time, Menoquil produces no harmful side effects and can be taken for as long as required without any negative impact on the health. Additionally, because it’s made by the established and reputable company Pharmaxa Labs, consumers can trust that it has undergone complete testing for safety, quality and consistency at every step of the manufacturing process and adheres to all government regulatory standards.

Menoquil – Key Product Benefits

  • Stops Hot Flashes
  • Calms Night Sweats
  • Curbs Mood Swings
  • Relieves Vaginal Dryness
  • Restores Normal Hormonal Levels
  • Improves Bone Hardness
  • Increases Sex Drive
  • Boosts Progesterone Levels
  • Fights unwanted Weight Gain

Menoquil – Key Ingredients


Menoquil’s revolutionary proprietary formula uses a blend of vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts that have been specifically selected for their effects on symptoms associated with menopause. All the key ingredients, which are highly concentrated for optimal effectiveness, are listed on the Menoquil website with a clear description of how they work in relation to menopause symptom relief. They include:

  • CalciumEssential for keeping the bones hard, reducing the loss of density that occurs during menopause. By maintaining bone strength, the risk of developing osteoporosis is significantly decreased.
  • Vitamin D – Ensures full absorption of Calcium, boosting its bone-strengthening benefits and improving the overall integrity of the skeletal structure.
  • Soy IsoflavonesHigh in phytoestrogens and an essential part of the Menoquil formula due to their scientifically proven effects on hormonal imbalance
  • Red Clover Flower Powder & Red Clover Powdered Extract – Works exceptionally well at reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes and night sweats due to high levels of beneficial phytoestrogens.
  • Guggul Gum Resin Powdered Extract – Addresses the unwanted weight gain that often occurs during menopause, reducing the risk of developing excess fat particularly in the abdominal area.
  • Green Tea Leaf Powdered ExtractBoosts energy levels, reduces menopause-related fatigue and has been clinically proven to lessen the severity of hot flashes.
  • Chaste Berry Powder – Creates optimal hormonal balance for a significant improvement in numerous menopause symptoms with particular benefits for insomnia and mood swings.
  • Black Cohosh Root Powder – Has powerful estrogenic effects in the body, reducing the intensity of hot flashes, excessive sweating and vaginal dryness.
  • Dong Quai – Reduces hormonal dominance and provides a natural balance that, in turn, relieves multiple menopausal symptoms.
  • Cnidium Monnieri – Acts as a natural aphrodisiac, stimulating the libido for enhanced sexual desire.
  • Wild Yam – Has natural estrogenic properties that mimic the effects of the hormone estrogen in menopausal women, drastically reducing multiple symptoms of menopause.

Menoquil – Research, Studies & Clinical Trials

All the key active ingredients contained in the scientifically developed Menoquil formula have a unique action on both physical and emotional aspects of menopause. While many have a long history of use in traditional folk remedies as a way of naturally relieving menopause symptoms, each one has been extensively tested and clinically proven to produce significant, long-lasting results. For example, in a 12-week study, Soy Isoflavones were shown to reduce the frequency of hot flashes by 45% in women while another study on the effects of Black Cohosh resulted in 80% of participants experiencing an improvement in multiple symptoms after just 4 weeks of use. In addition to this, taking Wild Yam in supplement form has been clinically proven to raise levels of estrogen in the body by as much as 27%.


Menoquil – Advantages

  • Addresses multiple symptoms of menopause
  • Has a 100% safety track record with no reported side effects
  • Can be used at all menopausal stages
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients in a maximum strength formula
  • Works on physical and emotional symptoms
  • Provides significant relief in as little as 10 days
  • Supports numerous additional aspects of female health

Safety Profile of Menoquil

Menoquil represents a 100% safe alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy which can pose numerous threats to the long-term health of the individual. All supplements made by Pharmaxa Labs are guaranteed to be free from any dangerous synthetic ingredients, chemicals and additives, and can be used for as long as required without ever causing a dependency. Women can completely trust Menoquil, knowing that it is produced in a facility that complies with all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, and undergoes regular inspection by the FDA. They can also be assured that each individual capsule contains top quality ingredients from only the purest sources.

Menoquil – The Conclusion


While each woman experiences menopause differently, most will agree that the symptoms are not only often embarrassing, distressing and uncomfortable, but that they take their toll both on the individual and those around them. Menoquil not only offers women fast, maximum strength relief from all major symptoms of menopause, it also provides optimal support for numerous other aspects of female health including bone density, weight management, stress and sexual function. Menoquil can be relied upon at any stage of menopause and is the only supplement the individual will need, taking care of their health from the onset of perimenopause right through to post menopause. And, unlike some natural menopause relief products, Menoquil actually tackles symptoms at their source, producing permanent, powerful results. All menopausal women deserve to feel their best during this wonderful time of life – Menoquil is guaranteed to make that happen. Because this is an all-natural product, you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.

All in all, Menoquil seems like an effective product. It has clinical studies and plenty of facts to back up its effectiveness, which makes this product worth the price.

Customer Reviews Makes Menoquil The Top Choice

Excellent 5 star
4.71 Average 5181 Reviews
  • Donna Torres. 5 star

    For me, Menoquil is nothing short of a miracle! After suffering a serious health realated issue from taking a prescribed HRT, I was stricken with sleepless nights, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, extreme mood swings, and agonzing joint pain. I tried other brands of menopause relief supplements with little or no success. Then I found Menoquil. All my symptoms were gone in a few days! Thank you Pharmaxa Labs for creating Menoquil, I finally have my life back.

    1 hour ago

  • Amy G. 5 star

    Hot flashes all night. Thought I was going to lose my mind with no sleep. Tried several over-the-counter suggested by my Gyn... not good. Like drinking water, no help. Some even gave me heart palpitations. I took a chance on Menoquil. I will NEVER be without it. In 2 days my flashes were gone!!!!! Been taking for 6 months - its a miracle!! A true blessing. I recommend Menoquil to anyone and everyone!!!

    1 hour ago

  • Elvia M. 5 star

    Menoquil is fantastic product!! As a woman who cannot take hormone replacement due to family history of breast/ovarian/uteran cancer, this product is fantastic. Menoquil helps with all the symptoms of menopause and definitely helps with hot flashes. Would recommend to anyone going through the changes. Must healthier than the hormones the dr. would put you on.

    1 hour ago

  • Monica Behrendt. 5 star

    I am on my 4 month and have no menopause symptoms after taking Menoquil. I am 55 yr old and have had endometriosis all my life and had to have a total hysterectomy at the age of 35. They took both ovaries too so I am going through the worst major menopause but feeling better now right now anyway. So far so good anyway!!😃

    2 hours ago

  • Dixon M. 5 star

    I have been taking Menoquil since Saturday and it is now Tuesday and I already notice a difference in my hot flashes. They are less frequent and less intense and I am able to sleep deeper and without waking up numerous times. I taken the pills without any food in the morning and am tolerating them very well. I would definitely recommend this supplement to anyone who suffers from hot flashes and sleepless nights.

    2 hours ago

  • Alyssa Jones. 5 star

    I have to admit that I was Unsure whether or not Menoquil would work for me. I’ve tried so many other all natural products that didn’t work and I must say that Menoquil does everything that it has a promise. My hot flashes have decreased significantly, no more night sweats, and my vaginal dryness is completely gone. Thank you for creating Menoquil that actually works!

    3 hours ago

  • Sophie Bundalo. 5 star

    I have used Menoquil for years and avoided most of the symptoms of Menopause - which was quite a relief! I took a break and stayed stable for quite some time. Recently, I started taking it again after exhibiting new symptoms and have started recovering from them. I really like Menoquil as it really helps curb most of the major issues (especially flashes) that come with Menopause.

    3 hours ago

  • Lisa Dane. 5 star

    I have only been using Menoquil for two weeks and I definitely feel the difference in myself in regards to my moods, my sleeping situation is a little better. I honestly am looking forward to the next two weeks because I know I am going to have even more positive results. Feel free to check back with me in two weeks. I have tried other products and did not have any changes which is even more frustrating. I would highly recommend Menoquil to everyone.

    3 hours ago

  • Letitia Terrell. 5 star

    After 5 days of taking menoquil my night sweats are gone. As for my hot flashes I’m done to 1 or 2 a day compare to 20 or 30 times a day. My mood swings are so much better. I would recommend this product to anyone needing relief from menopause instead of the alternative RHT.

    3 hours ago

  • Lee M. 5 star

    I have been taking Menoquil for about 3 weeks now. My mood is improving and my hot flashes and night sweats are becoming less frequent and are lasting for shorter amounts of time. I plan to keep taking it and hope for even more improvements. I would recommend Menoquil to any women suffering from these menopause symptoms.

    4 hours ago

  • Kathy Raymond. 4 star

    I started taking Menoquil 8 years ago when my perimenopausal symptoms started at 46 yo. They stopped within 2 months, and when I had my blood tested last year at age 54, I was told that im post menopausal. I sailed through symptom free. I highly recommend.

    5 hours ago

  • Dawn Hughes. 5 star

    Menoquil has been an absolute game-changer! My Dr recommended hormones to help with menopause symptoms which I was not keen on! Started taking Menoquil and it worked! I recommend it to anyone who is suffering hot flashes and night sweats!!

    16 hours ago

  • Alice F. 5 star

    Menoquil is very good product. It does what it says it will do. I did the 15 day sample. I could not lose weight no matter what I did. Started taking Menoquil lost 10 lbs. I ordered more. The ingredients are simple and natural.

    1 day ago

  • Roxann Brannan. 5 star

    Works great for my wife Hot flashes when used properly. Been using for 2 years now. Just need to cycle off every 120 days for 30 days and get back on Menoquil. Thanks for helping when nothing else does !

    2 days ago

  • Lina. 4 star

    Menoquil is the only product I have found that effectively manages my hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability. Though I have tried other products, I keep coming back to Meoquil.

    2 days ago

  • Lynne Medwetz 5 star

    I have been using Menoquil for some time now. I recently tried another menopausal relief supplement...worst decision! Menoquil is the only supplement that relieves my symptoms. Your product is my savior!

    2 days ago

  • Lori Strom 5 star

    I have only been taking Menoquil for a week. So far I am finding that Menoquil is successfully resolving my symptoms along with a few other health initiatives I have implemented.

    3 days ago

  • Virginia Munro 5 star

    I have been using Menoquil for 5+ years now. It has helped with the night sweats so that I can sleep. Never had a problem with order or length of time in receiving order. Keep up the great work!

    4 days ago

  • Kathy Wright 5 star

    I have been taking Menoquil for about 3 years now. Menoquil really helps control the hot flashes. I take 2 in the morning & 2 at night & RARELY have flashes anymore.

    4 days ago

  • Pamela Thompson 4 star

    Love Menoquil. Certainly reduced all the symptoms of menopause considerably allowing me to feel more comfortable throughout the day and night.

    5 days ago

  • Karen Lane 5 star

    I have used for several years now and Menoquil has certainly minimized any menopausal symptoms I have had. I like that Menoquil is made of natural ingredients.

    5 days ago

  • Judy Wright 5 star

    I am very pleased with the results I have used Menoquil about seven years, much better knowing that Menoquil is natural and not a prescription.

    5 days ago

  • Tracy Niehaus 4 star

    So far so good! Took a couple of weeks but finally sleeping through the night. Alot less hot flashes too. Thanks to Menoquil.

    5 days ago

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