Preventative Health Care


There are generally two ways to handle virtually every situation. A person can take a reactive approach and deal with an issue after it is already occurred or take a proactive approach and try and prevent unwanted events from taking place at all. This is true in everything from vehicle maintenance to relationships and it is especially true when it comes to a person’s health care. Just because an individual does not currently show any signs of illness, does not necessarily mean that they are perfectly healthy. Taking a proactive approach to health care can save a person time, money and possibly even their life.

Preventative health care is an important issue for men, especially once they reach their mid-30s. Cardiovascular conditions are much more common among men than women which means that men need to start been aware of their heart health and cholesterol levels once they reach about age 35. Having a person’s body mass index checked and monitoring weight gain can help a man reduce their risk for stroke, diabetes and heart attacks. Once a man reaches age 50 he should talk to his physician about being screened for prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.

Unfortunately, many men do not take these necessary steps, especially when it comes to being screened for certain types of cancer because the conversation and the actual process of being screened can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Taking the steps, however, can help prevent life-threatening illnesses from ever occurring. In addition to being tested for some of the most common killers among men, an individual can also take an active role in their preventative health care by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. Regular exercise is one of the most important things that a person can do when it comes to having a healthy attitude, heart and weight.

Aside from exercise and a healthy diet, a man who is series about his long-term health should also seriously consider making changes to his lifestyle including stopping smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol intake. It is no secret that smoking is responsible for a host of ailments including emphysema, lung cancer, dental problems and high blood pressure, but many men continued to smoke in spite of this knowledge. While occasional alcohol use does not pose any real threat to a person’s long-term health, excessive alcohol intake can lead to serious medical problems that could be completely avoided if a person was more careful about moderation.

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