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Somulin – Overview

Somulin is a powerful natural sleep aid that is specifically designed for people who not only have trouble falling asleep but remaining asleep throughout the night. It has already helped thousands of men and women achieve deep, restful sleep and, unlike prescribed sleep medications, Somulin works without causing any next-day grogginess or ‘hungover’ feeling. Because it only contains natural botanical extracts and no synthetic substances or chemicals, Somulin is completely non-addictive and can be taken as often as required with no risk of developing a dependency. The Somulin formula works on multiple levels, addressing all the reasons why an individual may experience issues with obtaining restful, quality sleep. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, relieve muscle tension and spasms, provide a feeling of deep relaxation and calmness and, over time, restore a healthy wake/ sleep cycle for permanent results. Somulin is manufactured by the leading healthcare company Pharmaxa Labs, so consumers can feel confident taking it, knowing that it is a high-quality supplement, developed from years of research and clinical trials by leading sleep experts.


In fact, every ingredient included in Somulin has been rigorously tested not only for effectiveness but purity and safety. Somulin’s fast-acting formula works to produce results often within a few days, so the individual can start enjoying all the benefits of restful sleep. With regular deep, uninterrupted sleep, they’ll begin to experience better overall physical and mental well-being that will positively impact all areas of their life.

Somulin – Key Product Benefits

  • Induces sleep quickly and safely
  • Helps the user remain asleep all night
  • Relieves muscle tension for deep relaxation
  • Produces no next-day grogginess
  • Promotes better physical and cognitive health
  • Restores the natural wake/ sleep cycle

Somulin – Advantages

  • Has a 100% safety track record with no reported side effects
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients in a maximum strength formula
  • Provides significant relief in minimal time
  • Supports numerous additional aspects of health
  • Customers are not required to sign up for an auto-shipping delivery plan

Somulin – Key Ingredients

All the ingredients contained in the Somulin formula are listed and explained in detail on the official product website. This allows the consumer to understand exactly how each ingredient works, not only individually, but as part of the complete formula. In addition to the description, all ingredient amounts included in the formula are disclosed, unlike some brands which only provide their names. As shown on the product label, Somulin contains the following powerful key ingredients:

  • MelatoninThis is a natural hormone required to regulate the sleep/ wake cycle, also known as the body’s Circadian Rhythm. Low levels of the hormone can lead to an inability to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • HopsThis natural ingredient has mild sedative effects, helping to relax the body, reduce anxiety and promote deep, restful sleep.
  • Valerian RootUsed for centuries as a natural way to treat sleeplessness and insomnia, Valerian Root has been clinically proven to not only reduce the time it takes to fall asleep but improve the quality of the sleep.
  • Lavender – This well-known botanical is often used in aromatherapy due to the calming effects of its scent. However, studies performed on Lavender have proved that taking it internally in the form of an oral supplement is also highly beneficial, especially for individuals experiencing insomnia.
  • Lemon BalmWhile this herb works well on its own to reduce anxiety and promote a calmer state of mind, it is particularly beneficial when combined with Valerian Root, as it is in the Somulin formula.
  • German Chamomile – Often taken in the form of a tea to relax the mind and body, German Chamomile has gentle tranquilizing effects, allowing the individual to fall asleep easily and stay asleep throughout the night.
  • Skullcap – Commonly used to reduce high levels of anxiety, Skullcap helps to stimulate certain neurotransmitters that calm the nerves and relax the mind, preparing it for quality sleep.
  • Serotain Brand 5-HTP – Containing an extract of the Griffonia Simplicifolia seed, this key ingredient supports increased levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for producing a more positive mood and feelings of contentment. In turn, this reduces stress and helps the individual achieve restful, refreshing sleep.
  • Passionflower – Clinically studied for its effects on insomnia, Passionflower has proven properties that alleviate anxiousness and have a mild tranquilizing effect.

Somulin Research, Studies & Clinical Trials

As with all Pharmaxa Labs supplements, the ingredients selected for Somulin have been clinically proven to work, both individually and as part of the complete formula. While the benefits of Melatonin have been well-documented, extensive testing has also shown that German Chamomile, Passionflower and Lemon Balm in particular, have powerful effects on the body’s ability to achieve quality, restful sleep. A study on a compound found in German Chamomile, Apigenin, concluded that it produced a significant sedative effect when taken regularly, while test subjects who were given Passionflower in a controlled study experienced less anxiety and tension, and were able to fall asleep much faster than those taking a placebo. Finally, a study on the combined effects of Lemon Balm and Valerian showed that 70% of study participants felt a dramatic reduction in nighttime restlessness, with 81% experiencing less severe insomnia.


Safety Profile of Somulin

The Somulin formula is guaranteed to be 100% natural, pure and safe. Starting with high quality ingredients obtained from trusted sources, Somulin was developed by a team of leading researchers and scientists using state-of-the-art technology. As one would expect with a reputable manufacturer, the Pharmaxa Labs facility is regularly inspected and adheres to all governmental regulations and GMP standards. In doing so, the company can give total assurance that each and every capsule of Somulin will produce consistent, effective results, and to back this up they offer an unconditional 60-day satisfaction guarantee to their customers. There have never been any harmful side effects reported in association with Somulin use, even when taken for prolonged periods of time, and because it contains no common allergens, it is unlikely to produce an adverse reaction.

Somulin – The Conclusion


Not being able to fall asleep, or stay asleep throughout the night, is not only frustrating and upsetting, but has numerous negative physical and cognitive effects on an individual. Unfortunately, many sleep aids on the market cause more problems than they solve, not only producing next-day grogginess but, in some cases, creating an unhealthy dependency. None of these issues apply to Somulin, which is why it has become one of the best-selling, most trusted natural sleep supplements on the market today. Because it only uses clinically tested, proven botanicals, and no chemicals, additives or synthetic hormones, Somulin can be taken as often as required without ever becoming addictive or having an adverse effect on the health of the user. Another advantage of Somulin over many other brands of sleep aids is that it starts producing results quickly, in a matter of days for many users; because it has a cumulative effect in the system, its benefits will continue to increase over time, restoring an ideal wake/ sleep cycle for optimal long-term health and well-being. Because this is an all-natural product, you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects.

All in all, Somulin seems like an effective product. It has clinical studies and plenty of facts to back up its effectiveness, which makes this product worth the price.

Customer Reviews Makes Somulin The Top Choice

4.76 Average 4589 Reviews
  • john l. 4 star

    I have trouble sleeping. I take medication but it is hard to find the right meds. But Somulin really work. I started with just one pill and that is enough for me. It helps me fall asleep but also stay asleep. I also don’t wake up groggy This is the ONLY product that has work for my husband and I. He was prescribed sleeping pills and those didnt even work as good as Somulin! I was skeptical purchasing this since it is cheap and I have never heard of this brand, but I read the reviews and figured why not ? - This is my third time ordering Somulin! It is AMAZING - it also help you stay asleep! If you want a good nights rest- ORDER SOMULIN NOW! Really helps me get a good nights sleep!

    1 hour ago

  • Americo A. 5 star

    I had sleeplessness my entire life until I found Somulin. It is all natural, easy to take and there is no “hangover“ upon waking in the morning. It is consistently gentle, effective and reliable and I have recommended it to many friends and family that also have occasional sleeplessness. I’m proud to say that they have told me they had terrific results and they thanked me profusely. I hope that you give Somulin a try and maybe you will thank me profusely as well. zzz...

    1 hour ago

  • BILL P. 5 star

    I absolutely love Somulin, I often get very poor sleep due to stress and anxiety, I tried Somulin for the 1st time, just 1 pill, and slept the best I have in years. I woke up just before my alarm, with no grogginess and no fatigue, in fact, I was very refreshed! I highly recommend Somulin It is very cost efficient for the amount that comes in the bottle.

    2 hours ago

  • Barry L. 5 star

    Somulin is non-habit forming, it puts you to sleep and keeps you that way which I absolutely love. You wake up refreshed in the morning no groggy feeling, no mental fog like other sleep aids cause. Somulin easy to swallow this is my 2nd bottle. Awesome product! Somulin has helped tremendously with my sleep!

    2 hours ago

  • Vicki T. 5 star

    I have been taking Somulin for probably 6 months now. It relaxes me completely within 30 minutes of taking it to the point I have to crawl in the bed and go to sleep. I mean I can hardly keep my eyes open and for me that is GREAT because I can sleep! It is the best sleeping aid I have ever come across at least for myself. Highly recommend this for sleep.

    2 hours ago

  • Shirley P. 5 star

    I use Somulin before I plan to sleep, about a half hour. I then go to bed and sleep more soundly then I’ve slept in years. I highly recommend this product for people who have trouble falling asleep or a light sleeper. It really makes a difference in the quality of your sleep, and how much better you feel the next day. It is a very safe alternative to sleeping pills!

    3 hours ago

  • John A. 5 star

    After many decades of insomnia I have finally found relief. I take two of Somulin capsules just before bed and I’m asleep within an hour. Somulin really works. And I stay asleep at least six hours which for me is a miracle. This is my second box and won’t be my last. TRY Somulin.

    3 hours ago

  • Barbara S. 5 star

    I would recommend Somulin. After using over the counter sleep aid for so long , I was looking for something more natural with no side effects. This product naturally puts you to sleep with no grogginess the next morning. I feel refreshed the next morning. I would recommend Somulin to everyone.

    5 hours ago

  • Scott 5 star

    I would recommend Somulin. After using over the counter sleep aid for so long , I was looking for something more natural with no side effects. This product naturally puts you to sleep with no grogginess the next morning. I feel refreshed the next morning. I would recommend this product .

    5 hours ago

  • MaryEllen C. 5 star

    I have always had a hard time falling asleep and lately it seems to have gotten even harder but Somulin really helps with no other effects to the way I feel either during the hour between taking it and going to bed or in the morning when I get u

    6 hours ago

  • Jose O. 5 star

    Somulin sleep capsules work like magic. It does not make you feel sleepy like other OTC sleeping pills, but allows you to relax and fall asleep naturally. Works every time for me.There is no morning after side effect. I highly recommend.

    8 hours ago

  • Peter A. 5 star

    This sleep aid is wonderful. I have a mind that goes a mile a second all day and all night, it literally will not shut off. This aid puts me to sleep in no time, I no longer......*z z z z *

    10 hours ago

  • Winters C. 5 star

    If you want to become the sleepy beauty Somulin will help you in the process. Take Somulin pills and you are out until you have had so much rest that you are ready to rock your day.

    15 hours ago

  • Brown K. 5 star

    I Love Somulin. I have tried every product on the market for sleep issues. I have insomnia due to fibromyalgia and Somulin helps me sleep every night.

    16 hours ago

  • Princesa N. 5 star

    Somulin gave me real good night sleep, I am completely clear mentally early in the morning after my first cup of coffee and ready to go to work.

    22 hours ago

  • Fain J. 5 star

    Works great for me! Somulin continues to work great for me! I take capsule about an hour before bedtime and it really helps me.

    1 day ago

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