Tips for Healthy Eating While Visiting a Fast Food Restaurant


If you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle but just not up to cooking a meal in the kitchen or don’t have the time, stopping at a fast food restaurant might be an option. Dieticians and healthcare experts used to discourage men from eating at fast food restaurants, but their views have changed.

Many fast food restaurants are changing their menus to accommodate the desire to eat healthier. Next time you are running low on time and looking to grab a quick meal at a fast food restaurant, keep these tips in mind and you will pick healthy food options.

Pass on the Toppings

Fast food restaurants are notorious for trying to heap on the toppings. You can get hamburgers with onion rings, BBQ sauce, mayo, and cheese on top. While these toppings might look mouthwatering, they are extremely unhealthy. Try to keep your fast food order simple and as free of toppings as possible.

If the restaurant doesn’t offer a simple option, ask if you can custom order the menu items without toppings. Most restaurants will allow you to order a menu item without toppings if they don’t offer a simple version.

Look for Low-Carb/Healthy Options

Many fast food restaurants are starting to cater to people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. These restaurants are offering low-carb or healthy menus. The food can vary that is offered on these menus, but they can include broiled chicken instead of fried, meals made without cheese, and other healthy options.

If a restaurant doesn’t offer a low-carb or healthy menu, try to think of creative ways you can make the meal low-carb or healthy. For example, you can take the bun off of the hamburger and just eat the hamburger or wrap it in lettuce.

Consider Smaller Portions

Many of the fast food restaurants’ menu items are extremely high in calories because of the huge portion size they are offering consumers. If you are trying to eat healthier consider order a small portion. Some restaurants offer smaller meal options, or even a kid’s menu that gives people smaller portions.

If the restaurant doesn’t offer smaller portions, you can take the initiative and make a smaller meal. Before eating sit down and divide the meal into smaller portions. You can save the part you don’t eat for another meal. However, portioning the food out before you eat it will eliminate the temptation to eat everything that is in front of you.

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