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American Men Head Out on the Highway with New Prostate Pill that Relieves the “Urge to Go”

The freedom of the open road is the ultimate symbol of mobility and independence. Yet for many guys, frequent urination, a constant “urge to go,” and a bladder that’s never quite empty, prevent men from taking road trips or force them to take endless bathroom breaks.

American Men

But thousands of men nationwide are now reporting they found relief from these occasional problems thanks to a breakthrough in nutrient technology.

Prostara is the new prostate pill sweeping the nation. Men say they feel they’re now having the strong, complete, effortless urine flow they enjoyed in their 20s and 30s.

The key to its success is a new nutrient technology that makes the key ingredient 1000% more absorbable, according to a study by endocrinologists at Washington University in St. Louis.

Rudy Scott is the spokesman for Pharmaxa Labs Firm which makes Prostara. He reports demand is surging due to word-of-mouth and social media.

“We knew Prostara worked to ‘support healthy, stronger urine flow,” Summers stated. “But no one could have predicted the tens of thousands of men looking for a truly supportive prostate pill.”


It’s not the first time Dr. Joshua Jerry, the Florida-based MD who designed the breakthrough formula, has shaken up the status quo in men’s health.

A nationally recognized men’s health pioneer and the founder of the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Fla., Dr. Joshua has been featured on ABC, CNN, and ESPN.

He’s authored more than 500 books, reports, and scientific articles, many focusing on prostate issues that may affect virtually all men sooner or later.

“By age 60, I find about half of my male patients feel the need for prostate support,” Dr. Joshua explains. “By the time they reach age 80, it’s over 90 percent.”

Prostara has reportedly made a life-changing difference for these men. One appreciative thank-you letter came from Jason R., a patient.

“I had immediate results,” Jason R. wrote in his thank-you note. “I slept through the night without going to the bathroom.

“Last night was the most amazing of all,” he added. “I slept for 10 hours without going to the toilet.”

Results like these explain the flood of phone calls the company’s customer service department is handling from men who want to know how the new formula works…


Prostara‘s extraordinary success is being attributed to advanced innovations in nutrient technology.

Most prostate pills rely on either outdated saw palmetto… or the prostate-soothing compound Beta-Sitosterol.

But Dr. Joshua cites growing evidence that saw palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol work much better together than either does on its own.

In fact, a recent clinical trial involving 76 men taking a combination of saw palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol reported “significant” improvement across the board.

Among the results: Fewer of those occasional late-night wake-ups, a stronger stream, less starting and stopping, and complete emptying of the bladder.

That’s why Prostara includes both saw palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol, to ensure men get the extra prostate support they need. Frustrated men say it’s giving them tremendous support.

But there’s another key reason Prostara is helping men get back control in the bathroom.

American Men

NO MORE BATHROOM BREAKS: Now men are hitting the open road without making a single pit stop, thanks to a new pill that eliminates that nagging “urge to go.”


The other key innovation in Prostara is its addition of pygeum bark extract.

“It turns out what’s good for your enlarged prostate,” says Dr. Joshua. “That’s why I put pygeum bark extract in a prostate pill.”

Researchers have long known Beta-Sitosterol has a great potential to support healthy prostate function.

But Beta-Sitosterols are “hydro-phobic” — they don’t mix well with water. And that can make them much harder for the body to absorb.

The latest research shows they boost Beta-Sitosterol absorption by 1000%.

Dr. Joshua explains, “Most people only get trace amounts of Beta-Sitosterol because it can be hard to absorb. In this respect, the pygeum bark extract in Prostara is a real game-changer. They supercharge the absorption.”

This improved absorption is proving to be a revolutionary advance. Prostara is changing men’s lives, quickly becoming the No. 1 support supplement for supporting men’s prostate health nationwide.

Now, grateful men are calling almost every day to thank Prostara for supporting a renewed sense of empowerment over their own lives.

One patient, Nathan L., wrote, “I used to get up on occasion at night to go to the bathroom. Now I only get up once… and I feel it has supported my prostate, keeping my PSA levels in the normal range.”

Patients report they have more energy, sleep better, and no longer feel embarrassed by that occasional sudden need to use the restroom.

Thanks to Prostara, thousands of men feel more confident about their urinary health and are no longer being held hostage to pee problems and feel more confident about their urinary health.

They say they’re getting great sleep and finally feel back in charge of their own lives.



Right now, the only way to get this powerful, unique nutrient technology that effectively relieves the urge to go is with Dr. Joshua’s breakthrough Prostara formula.

To secure a supply of Prostara, men need to visit its official website

“It’s not available in retail stores yet,” says Dr. Joshua. “The website allows us to ship directly to the customer and we’re racing to keep up with demand.”

Dr. Joshua feels so strongly about Prostara’s effectiveness that all orders are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

“Just send me back the bottle and any unused product within 60 days from the purchase date, and I’ll send you your money back,” he says. Recent high demand has forced the website to limit orders to just the next few days. Prostara may no longer be available after that.


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